Exhibition Work

For the second time, I had the opportunity to display my paintings in Scout Halls, Broughty Ferry with the rest of the Broughty Ferry Art Society, including my Gran. I was tight on time between working and going on holiday but I managed to create two acrylic paintings on canvas with frames. The photographs aren’t the best quality and the light in the hall wasn’t great so the colours look a lot more muted than in real life.

After the passing of my dog Murphy last year I decided to create a painting in his memory. I chose a photograph I took of him having fun at his favourite place, Broughty Ferry Beach. This is also the location that we scattered his ashes so I decided to use sand from this very beach in my painting. This painting is quite personal as I feel a part of him is on the canvas. I chose bright colours to reflect his personality and white splashes to show his wildness. I used a mixture of acrylic and oil along with sand to create “Murphy”.

It was my Mums idea to paint the Bandstand at Magdalen Green, Dundee as shes always loved this park. I did create this painting in a rush so am not completely pleased with it but I was just happy to have it at gallery standard. In uni I do not normally paint even though that was all I did at school. It has been great getting back into it but I would much rather paint for a hobby. Sculpture and print has become my passion in uni and I don’t think I could ever go back to painting for my studies. This painting “The Green” was created with acrylic paint.

My Gran displayed 3 water colour paintings which are beautiful. She usually paints flowers so it was great to see her branching out with the subject. I love her use of pastel colours and the abstract quality of them.

This painting (unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to find the name of the artist) was my favourite of the exhibition. It is truly Scottish, colourful and a bit different. The size and shape of the painting has been cleverly thought through and it also feels a little bit cheeky. It was a happy painting in among many gloomy subjects.


Fashion Photoshoot 

In order to gain some experience in the creative world I answered an advert posted by Sapphire Scott, a photographer who was looking for students to help out with her Photography Mastered project. Sapphire had been picked to take part in the project ran by Nick Knight, a renowned fashion photographer. Every few months she is given a brief that can be chosen to appear in a fashion magazine.

The brief that I was an assistant at was about love and Sapphires vision was that love is for all and doesn’t discriminate. If successful, the images could be chosen to be displayed in 10 Magazine.


Aimee Keatch making the couture for the shoot


Female model Shelley Forbes as the love interest from another planet



The male model Sean Nicol as ‘Man’ who falls for the alien


Shelley’s chest is bare which represents vulnerability and also agrees with Nick Knights belief of stopping the censorship of womens bodies


Photographer and Creative Director Sapphire Scott


Body paint and hair by Kat Morgan


Final images for the 10 Magazine shoot


It was great to witness how a photoshoot works first hand and the work that goes into making it successful. It was also an amazing chance to network for future projects of my own.

Fashion Film

After assisting Sapphire in her photoshoot I decided I wanted to be more hands on for her next brief in her Photography Mastered course. Sapphire was instructed to make a fashion film that if successful, will be displayed on Nick Knights Show Studio site.

The concept was dance and Sapphire chose to concentrate on Ballet as she practiced this for many years.

I was appointed the position of Creative Director and helped with the concept and how the model moves. This was a great opportunity to use my own creative and dance skills.



make-up by Laura Sutherland


hair by Cat Hood


styling and wardrobe by Aimee Keatch


Sapphire Scott – photography


Model –  Jacquetta Clarke


the final images

FullSizeRender (3)GCtmi7A2_kmKQkZzyT8lf23rAvUSzgyG65tR3EoulJMSSVLJ2qsOhOuDHjTDV9zVuINYhDssTpmznhP9u8V4hI

What I admire about Sapphire is that she has taken a chance on students that have never been involved in the fashion or photography industry and has really trusted our advice and work.

The complete fashion film can be found at https://vimeo.com/150488574