Using tights as a camera filter

Still playing about with what I can do with tights. I have currently stopped in my tracks in my creative process as there are too many avenues to go down. Firstly I thought of using photography but I keep being drawn to sculpture. Also my university lecturer is trying to point me in the direction of performance art (ahhh!!). It’s scary to me because this is not an area that I have much experience in, but that could be a good thing right? Learning new skills and going into a project fresh eyed.

I came across a performance piece, Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art. The first performance shows a woman wrapped in tights which I thought was interesting to my project. I often find performance art a bit too up in the air for me I hope to learn a bit more about it and maybe even try it out.

I have also been trying out camera techniques. Filters are used on the lens of cameras to add a tint of colour or bring out the colours in the surroundings. I used tights as a camera filter by placing a pair of light skin-coloured tights over the camera on my iPhone and taking a picture. This is the image before and after using the tights as a filter.



I found the fog effect very interesting and am intrigued by the possibilities I could use this effect for.


But What About the Face?

So tights are great for our legs and make them look smooth and airbrushed, but what about the rest of our body? Particularly the face. Make up helps where it can but what if we could get an airbrushed effect wherever we go? That is the dream. It’s not exactly socially acceptable to go about with tights on our heads but imagine we did. By pulling the tights up I was able to warp my face in an unusual way. It’s like using photoshop in real life.






Back into looking at the Instagram project that i previously started. I am going to continue looking at cliche Instagram posts and how i can recreate them in an interesting way hopefully including the nylon tights i previously posted about.

Instagram is no longer just an app but is now a permanent word in our vocabulary.

“This is an Instagram moment”

“You should Instagram that”

“We need to put a picture on Instagram”

Every moment is an Instagram moment. And if we dont post pictures publicly, did it really happen?