A Trip to Paris

So I was a very spoiled girl this Valentine’s Day and was whisked away to the city of love and most of all the capital of art. There were incredibly mastered buildings everywhere, not just the iconic landmarks such as the Notre Dame, Arc de Triomph, and the Eiffel Tower. Every time I stopped to really look I was in awe of the blocks of flats, the shops, the restaurants which too had a spectacular authentic quality not even intended for tourists to gawk at. There was beauty around every corner and for an art student, I was in my element. My poor boyfriend was dragged around art galleries and artist quarters but surprisingly enjoyed it himself.

IMG_3183IMG_3182 IMG_3229IMG_3224



Everyone told me, “You have to go to the Louvre!” and I wasn’t disappointed. Not even the ridiculously long queue stopped us from entering this famous museum of art. The modern pyramid is placed in the middle of old beautifully crafted buildings contrasting in a very interesting way.


Seeing the Mona Lisa was incredible. We have all seen pictures of Leonardo Da Vincis iconic painting but seeing it in person was nothing short of incredible. A piece so successful that people come from around the world to view its wonder from behind a glass case and fence. I also enjoyed seeing the Michelangelo sculpture ‘Dying Slave’ and the ‘Aphrodite of Melos’, just being in the same building as artwork created by artists who were at the top of their fields was so thrilling for my creative mind.


There is so much art and inspiration in Paris you could choose any street in the city and find some kind of self expression.I enjoyed finding artwork in places where we weren’t even looking for it. On our first day while walking to Notre Dame we unknowingly stumbled into an outdoor museum. This was the Musee De Sculpture De Plein Air and was my first experience of artwork in the city.Having a strong interest in sculpture myself I absolutely loved looking at the marble and stone work situated along the river Seine.

IMG_3142 IMG_3145 IMG_3146

We also came across an art and design exhibition at Paris City Hall showcasing the work of 70 contemporary artists and designers based in the Paris and Berlin. There was a great variety of works ranging from contemporary furniture to light installations and a selection of unique fashion pieces. After seeing all the old buildings and art history museums it was great to see some contemporary work.

IMG_3474 IMG_3477 IMG_3479 IMG_3481

My Gran who is a big art fanatic told me I had to go and see the artists quarter in Montmartre and I’m glad she did. There was a little square surrounded by authentic shops and restaurants and in the middle there were lots of artists actively drawing caricatures for tourists and selling their landmark paintings. It was great to see an art culture constantly so alive. In the same area there was also a chocolate shop and inside there were sculptures of Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and Aphrodite of Melos made entirely out of chocolate. Art and chocolate mixed together was just heaven for me!

IMG_3804 IMG_3805 IMG_3808 IMG_3828 IMG_3831

Living in Dundee all my life, although the city’s culture is on the up and is now the first Unesco City of Design in Europe, not everyone is very excited about art. It was so refreshing to be in a city with art around every corner and so much passion and enthusiasm to create and express yourself. This city is full of inspiration and I am very glad and lucky I had the chance to visit here while i am still studying fine art. I would advise everyone if they can to visit this amazing city they will not be disappointed.


Visions of void

Yesterday I visited Florian and Michael Quistreberts exhibition, Visions of Void, at Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA). The space was very dark so you could appreciate the abstract video and light work. The brothers main components of their work are colour and structure. I really admired the thick painting style adopted by the “Brothers of the Shadow” and the small lights that were embedded in the paintings helped you to see the thickness of the paint and the shapes that it created. The small lights and the use of chrome paint connected their light work to their paintings. The walls were painted metallic silver to reflect the light that was projected onto them. Some of the light works were very hypnotic to look at and made the dark room spin, like looking into a kaleidoscope. I really liked the light display in the corner of the room and the space was used well with this piece. The shapes used in this light displays are very geometric and are often mystical symbols which represent the brothers quest for spirituality. I did feel like the rooms were very empty compared to previous exhibitions that I have seen in this space and I wanted to see more work from them. Overall i feel it was a very interesting exhibition with good work but I would’ve loved to see more of it.




Inspiration – Loris Cecchini

Cecchini is an Italian artist who works in a variety of media including photography, film, sculpture, drawing and installation. I came across this  artist when looking for sculptures that included tights. Although Cecchini does not use tights in his work his exploration of “concealment” is very relevant to my project.

Loris-Cecchini-Diana-Lowenstein-Gallery-Miami-4 Loris-Cecchini-Gaps-2010-Galleria-Continua2_g

The objects look like they have been coated with some sort of sheet. I would like to make the same effect with tights. The coating effect acts like a filter to smooth out the finish hiding detail and blemishes. You can see what the objects are but withholds information. The idea of concealment excited me and is very relevant to the work I am doing. Concealer is a cosmetic stick used to cover blemishes and make our skin look more like how we want it to. To conceal an object is to keep it being observed fully. I want to combine these two definitions to use concealment in a more superficial context.

Inspiration – Hans Bellmer

I came across Hans Bellmer when i was researching sculptural work and I believe he has helped me get out of this creative slump. He is a German photographer, sculptor, printmaker, painter and writer with a love of the female body and provocation. His sculpture titled “The Doll” created in 1935 consists of partially dismembered life-size dolls in different poses and scenarios. Bellmer presents us with the aftermath of torture and abuse.

Bellmer_The-Doll_231-218 cwimage7

I am very attracted to sculpture and the endless possibilities of this art form. I also enjoy using unconventional mediums to try and push the boundaries of “art”. I am interested in creating an object, perhaps a doll or something that represents a human, with tights as my primary medium. I am still in the research stage of this project but this is the route I feel myself being drawn to.

Fine Art Photography

I have always had an interest in fine art photography and incorporated photography into my Instagram project but i am excited to explore this field in great depth.

In today’s modern age of technology it is very common to edit photographs to make them more desirable or interesting. Photoshop is an amazing tool for enhancing photographs or editing them to create a more exciting and unusual image. I am very interested in this editing process and how we can warp images into anything we want.

Christian Grotto, a Paris based photo editor teamed up with French photographer Quentin Curtat to produce a series of portraits named “Outer Child”. By transposing the heads of adults with child-like facial qualities onto the small bodies of children the duo created humorous images that literally bring out the inner child.

This is just one example of how Photoshop and other editing tools have completely changed the world of photography and i am exciting to try out some techniques for myself.outer-child-adult-portraits-photoshop-child-like-cristian-girotto2


The first brief of 2nd year fine art is called “the human condition” and yes they couldn’t have made it more open if they tried. I aim to start with my summer project that I created about how we deal with social media. I have been researching sculptors and after visiting the McManus galleries last week I was inspired by Eduardo Paolozzis exhibition. His sculptures are inspired by surrealism and his interest in modern machinery. I especially love “Japanese War God” 1958 which combines found objects to form new relationships with each other creating archetypes. I feel like I can relate to Paolozzis work and that a lot of my research about modern technology and how much it has taken over our lives really connects with this great piece of sculpture.


The Broughty Ferry Art Society

The society celebrated their 35th anniversary with a summer exhibition and sale this evening. There were so many amazing works of art I loved seeing all the amazing styles and techniques! It was a very inspiring evening and I am excited to try out some of the techniques myself in future projects! My gran who is also an artist won a prize tonight as well! I hope her talents run in the family!