Urban Void- The Degree Show

After four years of University, sixteen years in education as a whole, I am finally finished with this chapter of my life. This degree has given me a lot and, after an incredibly stressful final week, the madness came to a sudden halt. And that was it.

It was difficult coming to terms with the contradiction of filling a gallery space to represent emptiness but once I was able to get into my allocated space and clear it out it was much easier to imagine the final concept.


Painting the walls and scrubbing the floors came next, providing me with a blank canvas to create my urban void.


Soon after this I hung the frames in geographical order relating to where they are in Dundee, with differing heights and spacing, and placed my 3D prints in between these to represent the life between the voids. I was then able to apply my shaving foam and PVA glue mixture to the walls. I knew this part would transform my blank space into an empty void full of history and memories. The foam took a lot longer to apply than I had originally thought, mostly because I had underestimated the size of my space until all of the desks and chairs had been removed. I covered all three walls in foam, making sure all edges of the frames and 3D prints were covered to appear as though they melt into the textured wall. By manipulating the walls I hope to encourage my viewers to come in close and wonder what this texture is. While doing this, I hope they then are inclined to look closely at the blank frames to uncover the blind embossings of forgotten Dundee.

The TV was last to be displayed, and after deciding against creating a white frame for the monitor and choosing to cover the edges in white electrical tape in stead, I ended up leaving the TV just as it is. This was due to the tape creating air bubbles and not looking as neat as I had hoped so I decided to not hide the fact that this is a television and that I had no choice in the colour. The monitor is displayed next to the blind embossing of the same setting as the fashion film and will be in the viewers field of vision while they watch. I decided to use headphones to give more of an intimate experience allowing my visitors to hear sounds from jute mill machines as well as my Grandmother singing ‘The Jute Mill Song’.


My shaving foam monster appears on a white plinth alongside my guideline of my space, including my statement of practice, that I will hand out to viewers at the degree show. This guideline provides the names of my work and describes the concept behind my display to allow the viewers to understand where the urban voids are and to conjure up their own memories of this land.


studio guideline copy

I understand that during degree show, especially the opening night, people may rub against my textured wall and cause it to fall off, just as it did when I was fixing some areas. I have decided just to accept this, let the foam fall and to just leave it there. I feel like this may be of interest to viewers giving them an idea of what the texture on the wall is making it less of a mystery.


And that’s a wrap. Four years of hard work, discovering myself as an artist and changing the way I think and see the world, all over. The course has been very mentally draining but stimulating and has definitely helped me become a self-motivated and confident worker. I am excited to enter the world of work and put my creative skills to good use, I am raring to go! Come visit the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design Degree Show 19th-28th May 2017 to experience my finished work in all its glory alongside the rest of my amazing year!



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