Shaving Foam and PVA Monster

I have always loved working with unconventional materials that are not the obvious choice when creating art. Shaving foam has been this years odd choice that I have loved experimenting with and creating amazing textures. I wanted to push this further and see what else shaving foam is capable of. Inspired by the dripping wall manipulation of Daniel Arsham, I found out that using the same medium of shaving foam and PVA glue, along with a few added extras, I could create a tactile gooey sculpture. I mixed together PVA glue, bicarbonate of soda, shaving foam and contact lens solution until the liquid turned into a gooey, stretchy solid.

I love that this gooey monster will always adapt to fit the shape of the bowl or whatever it is placed in, no matter how much it is stretched and manipulated. It has a liquid look but can be handled whole. I played about with hanging the monster off of tables to see how stable it would be.

I could easily imprint my hand into the sculpture so I decided to try out what else I could imprint. I tried the photo plate I used at the start of the semester to create my early blind embossings and imprinted this into the goo. The marks were subtly visible but after a few minutes the sculpture returned to its smooth finish.

FullSizeRender (53)FullSizeRender (52)

I am currently enjoying trying out new things and having fun with my medium and am unsure whether this monster will appear in my degree show, dripping from a plinth perhaps, but I will continue to find out the possibilities of shaving foam and pva and push these as far as I can.