A Fashion Photo Album

Fashion is a big part of my life. Fashion is self-expression, it is self-confidence, it is self love. It is also my job and is the field I hope to progress in once I leave University. It was therefore important to me to bring fashion into my current project and my degree show. ‘She Town’ my fashion film about urban voids in Dundee features costumes that I made from Tyvek. This allowed me to combine fashion and my love for unconventional art mediums to highlight the emptiness of the setting, the reason being the material of the costume itself that led to the closure of the jute mills that once stood there.

The photographs from my film are just as valuable to me as the film piece itself. I love the whiteness of the costumes against the empty setting and how the characters appear as voids in the landscape. The photographs are alien, but also relatable due to the recognisable setting. As I hope my film and blind embossing provoke the feeling of nostalgia from what once stood in the urban voids, I decided to create a photo album of the photographs from my shoot. Photo albums often store memories that when looked at, take the viewer back to time or place different from now, I hope this fashion photo album will do the same.

I covered the photo album in jute to relate to the history of the land and to bring back memories of what once stood there from the first touch and site of the album.


While creating my fashion illustration sketchbook, I took a liking to painting white acrylic on top of my photographs. I found that this brought the photographs to life while acting as a void itself on the image. The texture was also not unlike shaving foam that I have been working with on the walls of my studio and that also features in both my film and my photographs. I used this paint to animate the photographs and react with the characters as if the paint is a character itself.


I also included the photographs of my costumes hanging on the gate at the setting of the film. This highlights the importance of the costumes in this project and the fact that the work is both art and fashion. I hope that this album provides both a new and nostalgic experience, just like my fashion film, and brings this forgotten land back to the attention of the viewer.



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