Foam Canvas Development

While thinking about different ways to make my Park Seo-Bo inspired foam canvases I came across a handy tool, masking tape. Unlike the razor, masking tape allowed me to make clean, straight foam-less lines on the canvases which I believe to have a powerful aesthetic. I have also been mixing up the ratio of shaving foam to PVA glue to give different textures and effects once dry. The more glue, the lighter and fluffier the end result.  This process has allowed me to learn a lot about the application of the foam and how it dries and I will apply this knowledge when covering the walls of my degree show space.



Inspired by Lucio Fontana, I also tried cutting the canvas and putting light behind it to see how effective this would look but I was not as fond of this technique.


Getting back to the razor, I created canvases inspired by the white acrylic on my fashion film photographs ( complimenting the animated effect these strokes have, whether they be made with razor or brush.


While deciding what to do with these canvases, I wanted to see how successful they would look on the gallery wall. I enjoy the canvases displayed together on the white wall much more than on a foam covered wall as this makes them stand out less. I also placed the canvas on a wall where the foam does not cover the area around the canvas.


While scraping shaving foam off my studio wall, I found use for the fallen debris. I scraped shaving foam off one of my less successful canvases using the same tool that I use to apply the foam. I then reapplied this dried foam back onto the same canvas using the same pallet knife to add pva then sprinkling the foam back on. I love the amazing texture this creates and how I am using the same mediums, tools and techniques as I have previously been using but I am given a completely different result. This action relates to my theme of urban voids by removing what was on the canvas, just as the buildings and life were removed from the urban voids. I then fill the canvas again just as I hope to fill the empty land with the memories that my audience holds of them.


I am not yet sure if these canvases will be displayed in my degree show space as I am still figuring out how my space will look, but I am learning a lot while creating them and enjoying the medium of shaving foam even more.


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