Full of Foam

I stumbled across the technique of having foam and PVA on Facebook while procrastinating from doing actual work, and I have never looked back since. I have found this texture to be really exciting to passers-by and always draws people into my studio space. The majority of viewers are completely unaware of what the medium is I have used, they just love how it makes the wall come alive. I hope this technique fascinates my audience just as much at degree show and pulls them into the void. My urban void. I have been playing about with the application of the foam, using pallet knifes (left below) and pushing metal plates onto the wall to create a suction effect (right below). It was also helpful to see how the foam would look on a larger scale as I hope to cover a full wall in foam for my degree show.


As well as working directly onto the wall, I have been applying the shaving foam technique to canvases. Inspired by Park Seo-Bo, (see blog post https://laurendailly12.wordpress.com/2017/01/30/degree-show-plan/), I have been working with the application of the foam and also the removal of it. I applied lines with a ruler, scraped the foam away with a pallet knife and also used the same suction technique as on my studio wall to create texture.

I also tried using the tool that is associated with shaving foam, a razor. I scraped foam onto the canvas and removed foam already on the canvas to create new shapes and textures.

As my fashion film is based around the urban void at The Stack Leisure Park where a jute mill once stood, I decided to incorporate jute onto my canvases.I used similar techniques as on the studio wall to both add and remove shaving foam from the canvases and let the remaining of the jute hang loose. I enjoy the way the foam clings to the jute, just as I am clinging to the land at the stack and the history of this material.

I have played about with compositions and love how effective the canvases are when hung on the white studio wall, but I am unsure whether I will include these in my degree show display. I am currently concentrating on emptying my space to encourage the viewer to feel like they are in the urban void, so I have to be careful not to clutter the exhibition. I will continue to develop these canvases and take photographs of them and I will soon have to decide their fate.



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