Blind Embossing Development and Framing

While developing other aspects of my work, I felt as though I had been neglecting my blind embossing. My tutor encouraged me to keep pursuing this technique as he loves the idea I put forward of drawing my audience in close to uncover the urban void. I love that these prints seem like they are just blank pieces of paper but on closer inspection, they are detailed embossings of empty land in Dundee. For now, I just have the one print of the land at the Stack Lesuire Park in Lochee that is also the setting for my fashion film. I have been working with the photographs I have taken of different urban voids in Dundee to make more blind embossings of the different urban voids in Dundee. This is a long process, 10 hours on the laser cutter for each image, but I have found it very rewarding. I hope to turn at least 4 of these digital drawings into blind embossings.



I took part in a framing workshop in uni to see how successful the blind embossing would be when framed. I enjoy the idea of it seeming although I am framing blank pieces of paper to make the audience come in closer and see what they would usually ignore. I framed my embossing on the Stack Leisure Park shown here and below (, as before I started creating new embossings I wanted to know if they could successfully fit into my degree show.


What took the most time was deciding on the best way to frame my print to get the most out of it. I decided against float mounting it as the colours of the mounts took away the whiteness of the image. As this is an embossing, the print already has a border around it which actually gave the print its own mount so I decided to just frame the print as is. I opted for natural coloured wood so as again not to take away from the brightness of the image and used a colourless wax on this. The slips were painted white to coincide with the white print and give a lovely finish.

Alan and Malcolm in the wood workshop were amazing help especially because my print is so big, just larger than A1. It was so amazing to create the frame yourself, it becomes part of the art process and gives you full choice in the display of your work. It is also a fraction of the price. I feel like the prints will be successful in their frames and plan on making 4 more, each containing blind embossing of different urban voids in Dundee.


Unfortunately the frame and the print do not photograph very well due to the lightness of the paper and the reflection of the glass but I’ve included an image to give you an idea of how it looks. My plan is to have a collection of framed Dundee urban void embossings. I have imagined these being displayed in geographical order, dotted around the gallery wall in relation to where they are in Dundee. I will try this out once I have made more of these embossings to see how successful this presentation will be. The deadline is creeping closer and I seem to finally be finishing some work! Keep your eyes peeled for more completed prints soon!



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