Display is Key

After creating my fashion film it was vital that I thought about how I would display it. Monitor? Projection? Multi-screen? These aspects would be key to the success of my degree show. I have considered each option and changed my mind between these a few times while planning my degree show proposal, but I will display my current findings next week. For now, it was time to decide on what to do with my costumes.

After attending an artists talk at St. Andrews University by DJCAD graduate Lucy McKenzie, I was inspired to combine fashion with fine art. Lucy McKenzie alongside Beca Lipscombe created a fashion line that is displayed as though in a gallery, making the clothes tell a story.


I decided to hang my costumes on the gate at the land I shot my fashion film to test out how successful this would look. I love how the white costumes create their own void on the gate and create an empty and eerie atmosphere. I enjoy that these costumes represent how the city has moved on and the reason that this land is empty. As a jute mill once stood here, the fall of the jute industry came after the invention of new materials, of which one was the fibres that make up Tyvek. The costumes have come back to show their dominance over the forgotten land and to display their importance and usefulness in the modern world.



While considering what to do with the display, I thought about creating a replica of the gate for my degree show to hang the costumes on. I spoke with the technician in the metal workshop at my university who informed me that making such a gate would be very costly. I would also have to think about how it would stand or whether I should have it attached to the wall. After lots of research, I decided against both making the gate and displaying the costumes. I feel like my film will say enough without needing the costumes to be in the space. I do not want to overly clutter my installation as the main idea is to represent the emptiness of the land and to make my audience to feel this emptiness. It is very difficult to create work that provokes the feeling of nothingness but this is something I am currently working on. As the proposal is due next week and the allocating of our degree show spaces due at the end of the month, I will keep updating on changes to my display and how I plan to create my urban void.


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