Fashion Illustration

It’s the final semester and time to tie up all the loose ends. I feel like I’ve been working in between different mediums and on different works without having anything finished. Unfortunately it will probably continue on this way until the deadline. While I am currently working on the editing of my fashion film, I have been thinking a lot about what to do with the photographs from my fashion film shoot. They are very interesting in their own right, I love how much my models really got into their roles and gave me amazing, fierce poses.


However, I wanted to do something more creative with the images. I decided to create a fashion illustration sketchbook relating to my photographs and inspired by the women who worked in the Camperdown Works jute mills. This theme relates to my film as a jute mill once stood on the land that was the setting for my film.

I used the photographs to create sketches inspired by fashion illustrations from Vogue. I have taken colours from the photographs of the mill workers and the texture of jute and mixed this with the high fashion poses of my models in their Tyvek costumes.


Inspired by image maker Quentin Jones, I decided to use my favourite colour from my project, white, and paint on top of the photographs. I wanted the paint to interact with the photographs and create a white void on the image, relating to the urban void of the land itself. I experimented between coloured and black and white photographs and found the later to be more successful.


I also tried applying a mixture of shaving foam and PVA on top, a medium I have been using a lot this semester to create texture on my studio walls. I love that this brings the photographs alive by adding a 3D aspect.


I recently searched for urban voids in Dundee and used the photographs from this to draw my fashion illustrations on top. I used the continuous line technique to place my models in the different urban voids using both black and white pen. I also tried just drawing the outline of the models to give a ghostly, empty effect.



I brought the foam back into the sketchbook and used this as my base to draw on top of using both black and white pen. I added colour and also put the foam on top of my urban void photographs and drew on top of that. I also tried the technique used on my canvases of applying dry shaving foam that had been scraped off my wall and old canvases and used this as a surface to draw on. My  fashion illustration sketchbook is turning into a feel book it seems.



I tried a new transfer technique using white acrylic which i found to be quite interesting. There is still quite a ghostly, forgotten effect with these transfers that almost make them seem like old, damaged photographs.



I carried on with the concept of the void by cutting out the models from my photographs turning the characters into voids instead of the setting.

My current plan is to continue creating illustrations in my sketchbook and developing my techniques. I hope to create a fashion magazine from the painted photographs of my shoot to coincide with my fashion film. Watch this space for more degree show developments including my fashion film, prints, and shaving foam work.


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