Dundee Urban Void Collection

After shooting my fashion film at the urban void in Lochee, Dundee, I decided to set myself a challenge to find as many urban voids in Dundee as possible. I searched the streets for derelict areas in urban environments and wanted to capture not only the land, but the urban area around it that is constantly passed by pedestrians and vehicles. I originally edited the images giving them a blue hue to create an empty, quiet and sad atmosphere. However, after further editing of my fashion film I decided to make the photographs whiter to coincide with my monochrome work and relate to voids themselves which are often seen as being blank, white spaces.

I have used these images to create a photo album of the urban voids in Dundee. I hope not to highlight what Dundee does not have, but what it once had. My audience who view the photos should be reminded of what was once in the empty lands place and are filled with nostalgic feelings of life before the void, just as they would feel nostalgic over their own family photo albums.

Blue hue urban voids


White urban voids


The Dundee Urban Void Collection photo album




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