Degree Show Plan

It’s been a tough start to the week with the degree show proposal due on Wednesday. It felt like all of a sudden I need to know exactly what my degree show will be like, without any work completed. I went between wanting a dark room, then wanting a light room to display my work. It is all feeling very real right now. I initially showed my tutor my idea to create a room where the viewer is taken into the urban void. My plan was to have a dark room and project onto each wall the different viewpoints of the urban void at the Stack Lesuire Park, the site of my fashion film. The idea of creating an immersive room came from the discovering of Chris Engmans work. He creates rooms that take the outside indoors and makes the audience feel like they are in a completely different place.



I thought about projecting onto a wall covered in foam and decided to take out a projector to see how successful this could be. I discovered that the foam took away a lot of the detail of the image so I decided against this idea.

Specifying a dark room could be really limiting to any future work I create from now until my degree show so I took time to think, write and find out what it is that I want to say. I looked through my sketchbooks from the very beginning to capture what I wanted from the start. The whole idea of the void came from my love of white work against the white walls of the gallery space and the emptiness it conveys. I decided to scrap the idea of taking my audience into the urban void and I will take them into the white void instead.

Going back to the roots of the project, I plan on creating a completely white space that seems empty on first entering. I will be drawing on the modern gallery’s set up of ‘the white cube’ ( to create this empty world. The walls of the gallery space will be covered in shaving foam, a texture I have found that excites and entices anyone who comes into my studio. I hope this will draw my audience in to the space where they will watch my fashion film. The film will emit sounds from the jute mills, the history of the urban void that is the setting for the film. On another wall, my blind embossings of urban voids will be displayed in frames (blog post to come). These embossings seem like blank pieces of paper at first, but on closer inspection they show images of urban voids in Dundee. I hope these embossings will also draw my audience in and make them notice the land that they usually walk right past.

Inspired by Park Seo-Bo, I have been working on canvases with shaving foam and playing with patterns, levels and textures. Parks gallery spaces feel empty, but hold a lot of thoughts and skill in the canvases. I hope to create the same effect with my blind embossings. I believe that the shaving foam works best applied straight onto the wall rather than the canvases, but I am going to continue create different canvases to further develop my skills.


So for now this is where I am, a drawing of a possible room and possible artwork that may fill (or empty) that room. I will continue to develop consisting work and possibly create new work that may make an appearance in my degree show. Although the proposal has been handed in, it does not mean that changes cannot be made. May is still a while off so keep reading to find out what else I create.



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