Degree Show Inspiration

The final semester of my last year of university is here and, with our dissertations finished, all that’s on our minds is the degree show. 11 weeks is all that’s left before I am out in the big world of work. It’s a scary thought but I’m very excited to get stuck into making and to be excited by what I am creating. During the Christmas breaks I visited a couple of exhibitions to give me some inspiration for the presentation of my degree show. I find it very helpful to look at how other exhibitions are curated and the creative way that work is shown. The way I present my work could be vital to my grade and my overall degree.

The GOMA Glasgow is always a great source for contemporary art in its beautiful setting. The bottom floor has been taken over by John Samson with his film pieces set out in a simple, stripped back way. As I will be displaying my own fashion film it was great to see the different ways film can be displayed and how to get the audience to react with it.


Upstairs sported Max Brand and Joanne Robertsons’ ‘Poppies’. A mixture of paint and fashion created an immersive colourful experience. I will be including the costumes I made for my fashion film in my display so it was great to see how artists display clothing alongside art and the way the two compliment each other.


The DCA is a brilliant local source for contemporary art exhibitions. The current exhibition entitled ‘DCA Thomson’ displays work by current artists and illustrators alongside DC Thomson’s to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Oor Wullie and The Broons. As my work is related to local interests including the jute mills and the renovation of Lochee, it was great to see successful artists working with cartoons that are so important to Dundee. The illustrations were gorgeous and showed how you can be inspired by artists while also making the work your own.




I hope to visit a few more exhibitions including the RSA contemporaries in February was showcases the work from the previous years DJCAD graduates. I continue to be inspired by both contemporary and historical work which keeps my work developing and changing into areas I’d never expect to go.


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