Blind Embossing Development

I have been working hard on developing my blind embossing from my previous post ( to make them larger and more enticing. After researching urban voids in Dundee, I came across an area of empty land that once played host to a jute mill at the Stack Leisure Park, Lochee. I used this site for my fashion film but I also wanted to show the importance of this site to my concept by using it in other aspects of my work. The striking gate that stands alone on this land adds to the emptiness this area brings in striking opposition to the bustling shops that lie adjacent. I wanted to incorporate this gate into my ‘barely-there’ prints on a larger scale.

As shown in my previous post, I started out making my embossing by using a photo plate. However, this technique limited the size of my print as the exposure unit itself was not very large. I decided to pop into the MakeLab at DJCAD and ask the amazing staff there if they knew how I could create a blind embossing on a larger scale. I was encouraged to use their laser cutter to engrave mdf and put this through the press with paper. I sourced an A1 board of mdf but due to the size and the detail of the image it was not going to be a quick affair. After multiple days on the laser cutter I finally got the depth of the cutting correct which resulted in a 10 hour session.


After the laser cutting was complete, I put the board through the press in the print making workshop with dampened Fabriano paper. The softness of this paper works well with embossing, something I discovered last semester after trying out many different types.


Here is a sneak peak at one of the prints, unfortunately they do not photograph very well but I believe in person they are quite striking. I will still need to work on lighting the print to get the full effect of the drawing and I may scale the print up again.


When thinking about how I will display my print, I considered projecting a video, perhaps my fashion film, onto it which would display my models directly onto the site. However, after a discussion with a tutor I felt as if the prints were strong enough on their own and did not need the projection. I did not want to try and make one piece of work say everything.


So with the end of first semester here, I am excited to continue developing my ‘barely-there’ prints to encourage viewers to notice the unnoticed, the forgotten land. When I am fully happy with the success of my embossing of the Stack Leisure Park, I may try making an embossing of different urban voids in Dundee that I looked at when deciding on a site for my fashion film. Stay tuned to see how my work develops in semester 2 as the Degree Show creeps closer.


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