Foamin’ Up

“My paintings are the ashes of my art”– Yves Klein

As I mentioned in my previous post, I felt as if I was getting too bogged down in the meaning of my work and was forgetting to just make. I find it difficult to make without any meaning, but I often find that making can lead to knew meaning and development that I could never achieve from reading a book.

I had a great response from fellow students for my shaving foam meltings mentioned in my previous post so I decided to carry on playing with this medium. I started covering objects in foam to see if it sparked any ideas. I “foamed” a candle and a Smurf that I then put back into the original box. I also covered a canvas in foam and then accidentally dropped it behind my desk which scraped off half of it. I really loved the effect this happy accident created and I aim to work with more canvases and perhaps screen print on them, add foam and scrape it off letting the print show through underneath.


I have always loved working in the print studio and was desperate to work down there again this semester, even if I wasn’t exactly sure what I would be printing. I decided to use a photograph that I had taken (shown on my previous blog post The Void) of a drain with a paper plate on top. I screen printed this image on both white paper and tracing paper in white ink, in keeping with the all-white-everything theme that is flowing through my work. I added foam on top of my prints to see how they would look if I used this image on a canvas. I enjoy the structure of the photograph against the wild foam. I also stuck the tracing paper print on top of the foam and I love how it makes it look like the print is melting.

I’ve also had fun working in the MakeLab at DJCAD as they have such exciting and new facilities. The 3D printer is a firm favourite of mine and I was delighted to be informed that they could now print up to the size of a human head (much to my friend Kates dismay). Kate was lovely enough to let me 3D scan her head (again!!) and stick the 3D print of her face on my wall. I then covered it in foam to make it look like the face was coming through the wall and making it look like it is melting.


I look forward to continuing in the print studio and developing creating all white prints. I am excited for my tutorial next week to show where I am and hopefully gain more ideas on where to go next.


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