4th and Final Year – The Beginning

Its finally here, my last ever year of university and less than a year until my own degree show. 4th always seemed like a lifetime away but it has crept up so quickly it is terrifying.

So I have been thinking about what to create for my degree show and the work that has appealed to me from previous shows. I believe it makes sense for me to create work that I enjoy to see when I visit art exhibitions. At the previous DJCAD degree show there was a piece that really jumped out at me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the piece or the artist but I did get a picture.


Shoes were covered in white paint and attached to a white wall. Each shoe represented five people that had gone missing in Fife the previous year. I love the idea behind representing lost people as lost shoes, but more so I loved that it was all in white. Artwork that is completely white is very appealing to me, perhaps it could be the cleanliness of it, the simplicity, the purity, or it could be the question that arises as to why the colour has been removed.

So at this early stage, I have decided to look into work that looks at the presence of white, the monochrome.I believe white work is not a lack of colour, but creates a world that is too cool for colour. It is emptiness, but also a space for limitless potential. So it is this potential that I am trying to hone in on.

As a side note I decided to read up on colour blindness. My boyfriend is colour blind, so using The Ishihara Test I was able to diagnose him to have Deuteranopia (green blindness).


A plate from The Ishiara Test, people with colour deficiencies find it difficult to read the number 74.

Using an app called the Chromatic Vision Simulator, I was able to upload a picture of my boyfriend and see the world through his eyes. Left: normal vision. Right: Deuteranopia.

However, it is Achromatopsia that I have been concentrating on. This is a rare deficiency whereby the person cannot see any colour at all. I am very intrigued by the way life would look without colour. How would our every day life look without colour? How can we describe colour to someone who has never seen it? Does a lack of colour create an emptiness in their life?

There is a lot of research to be done, still a lot of confusion as to what I want to do which scares me but is probably good at this stage as I want to keep my mind open. So for now I will continue to research the world in white and see what other ideas I come up with. Stay tuned!


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