Exhibition Work

For the second time, I had the opportunity to display my paintings in Scout Halls, Broughty Ferry with the rest of the Broughty Ferry Art Society, including my Gran. I was tight on time between working and going on holiday but I managed to create two acrylic paintings on canvas with frames. The photographs aren’t the best quality and the light in the hall wasn’t great so the colours look a lot more muted than in real life.

After the passing of my dog Murphy last year I decided to create a painting in his memory. I chose a photograph I took of him having fun at his favourite place, Broughty Ferry Beach. This is also the location that we scattered his ashes so I decided to use sand from this very beach in my painting. This painting is quite personal as I feel a part of him is on the canvas. I chose bright colours to reflect his personality and white splashes to show his wildness. I used a mixture of acrylic and oil along with sand to create “Murphy”.

It was my Mums idea to paint the Bandstand at Magdalen Green, Dundee as shes always loved this park. I did create this painting in a rush so am not completely pleased with it but I was just happy to have it at gallery standard. In uni I do not normally paint even though that was all I did at school. It has been great getting back into it but I would much rather paint for a hobby. Sculpture and print has become my passion in uni and I don’t think I could ever go back to painting for my studies. This painting “The Green” was created with acrylic paint.

My Gran displayed 3 water colour paintings which are beautiful. She usually paints flowers so it was great to see her branching out with the subject. I love her use of pastel colours and the abstract quality of them.

This painting (unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to find the name of the artist) was my favourite of the exhibition. It is truly Scottish, colourful and a bit different. The size and shape of the painting has been cleverly thought through and it also feels a little bit cheeky. It was a happy painting in among many gloomy subjects.


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