Free the Leg Hair – The Campaign

I created the ‘Free the Leg Hair’ campaign after looking into hair and how it projects the feeling of disgust. Hairy legs on females is seen as unattractive, unhygienic and lethargic. I wanted to change this preconception as after all, having hair on our legs is completely natural. And if its alright for men to flaunt their bushy legs why is there a different rule for woman?

I stuffed natural coloured tights with hair and then removed it, leaving some hair behind clinging to the material of the tights. I then wore the tights and had my friend photograph me in a sexy, pin-up style photo shoot. I wanted to mimic an advert for female razors where the ladies are portrayed in a sexy way with their glossy smooth legs, except mines would be hairy.

My aim was for the viewer to feel disgusted by the hair on my legs, but to then question why they feel disgusted by it. Leg hair should not make woman look or feel any less attractive than when they have smooth legs. If men can do it, then so can we.

I printed off my photographs with ‘Free the Leg Hair’ typed on them, inspired by the ‘Free the Nipple’ movement. I have placed these posters around my university near other posters that advertise events in my city. People may think it is poster for an event, or perhaps a club for feminists. Whatever they think, I hope that the posters capture people’s attention and make them stop and ponder about our hair and how we judge it so cruelly.






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