Using my Microscope Pictures

My microscope images of hair were so amazing that I had to use them in an amazing way to do them justice. I was advised to try screen printing using the screen printing medium and to then sprinkle hair on top. I thought this would be a great way to create an image of hair using hair. It would also highlight how amazing hair is but in a grotesque way as hair on paper is not as appealing as paint.

I tried a few different images until I got one that worked well. However, I preferred the images that were not so magnified so you could see the separate strands but these images did not show the detail of the grains.



I then thought about scale. I wanted to create a fairly large piece that would be able to show the detail of the grains but also have the shape of the strands. Again, this did not give me the detail I had hoped for. I still love the shape but I had really hoped for the strands to come through.


I tried a different image using half tone dots which was an absolute disaster and resulted in a large square of hair. But if at first, second, or third you don’t succeed try, try again! I will continue to play about with different images and maybe change the medium I am printing with as I am determined to get the image I want. I will update you all on my progress as I go.


Drawing with the laser cutting has become my new favourite tool. I used this method to draw the image of hair onto black card which gave an amazing ghostly effect. I am not sure yet if I will develop this any further as I am still concentrating on my screen prints and making more soap hands but it is a possibility.


Lastly, I used my Free the Leg Hair images of my legs wearing hairy tights from my previous post and Photoshopped the microscope images of hair onto them. The idea behind this was to show that hairy legs on woman is not disgusting as hair is such a magnificent thing. When magnified we can really see the shapes and structures that make up our hair which takes away the feeling of disgust and replaces it with awe and amazement.

IMG_7743 with microscope no text

IMG_7747 copy copy no text

IMG_7786 with microscope hair no text

IMG_7788 with microscope hair no text


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