Hair Under the Microscope

Hair is fascinating. I have been concentrating on the disgusting side of hair but lets not forget how amazing it is. Hair holds our DNA, the information about us and our families. It also looks pretty amazing under the microscope.

I had the opportunity to have a look at a few strands of hair under a light microscope which was fascinating but the images weren’t quite as clear as I wanted.

200|CMEX 5000|0,22988445200|CMEX 5000|0,22988445100|CMEX 5000|0,4602988897

I was then introduced to a life scientist who helped me use an electron microscope. This allowed me to get more magnified images where I could see the grain and texture. I had to coat the hair under a beautiful purple light which made it look like little bits of wire. The three samples were blonde, ginger and brown hair.


I think the images are beautiful. You would never guess that this is what hair looks like when magnified. The texture looks completely different, almost chalk like. There is a lot of things that the images remind me of; the bark from trees, ripples in sand, cellulite. It was an amazing opportunity to see such an every day object in this way and I am excited to put the images to use. I plan to Photoshop the images onto my legs to represent hairy legs in a new way. I also plan to screen print the microscope images using glue and sprinkle hair on top so the hair creates the image. I will post my development as I go so stay tuned.


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