Free the Leg Hair

We all know the ‘Free The Nipple’ campaign, the movement to stop the censorship of women’s nipples in society. What I propose is something similar in the realm of equality but different in the area of the body.


Free the Leg Hair was an idea that came to me after I stuffed tights with human hair. The tights looked disgusting, like hairy legs. But then I asked myself, why am I disgusted by hairy legs? Men walk about with thick black hair on their legs without anyone taking a second glance, but not women. Women with hairy legs are outlawed in society, they are seen as unhygienic, repulsive and definitely not sexy. And so Free the Leg Hair was born. This is about equality and questioning our disgust of hair.

My lovely friend photographed myself wearing high heels and a lace skirt. We firstly photographed my legs in our studio space to see how well it would work. The pictures looked great, I wasn’t so keen on the fishnet pictures so I didn’t carry on with them. We then took more photographs in my living room to give a more luxurious effect. I wanted the images to have a feminine and sexy look to them, like an advertisement for female razors. When the viewer looks at these images they can feel that something is off. They then feel disgust when they notice the legs have hair on them.


I wanted these images to look like a campaign, so I added text. I played about with different fonts and styles but I felt like staying close to the original ‘Free the Nipple’ font in a plainer style was the best way to go so I discarded my first attempt.

The last image is a more masculine pose to highlight the fact that if these were male legs there would be no problem. I hope to blow these images up and display them alongside my grotesque and microscope work. I want to show a comparison between the disgusting side and the amazing side of hair and I hope these images lie somewhere in between.



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