Melting and Molding Soap

And for my next trick I will be molding soap into hands.

Working with bars of soap and hair has been fun but it was time to shake things up a bit. To go alongside my tights sculpture I have been making hands made out of soap. As well as seeing hair unattached from the body, seeing hands without a body is very grotesque and frightening. Soap covered in hair is disgusting but imagine soap shaped like hands covered in hair. This will add to my repulsive theme while still bringing in the human body aspect. To make the hand mold I first tried to cover a glove with Siligum mold paste but this failed as it wouldn’t stick to the rubber glove. I then realised I could cut out the middle man and pour the soap directly into the glove which would make life a lot easier.

I bought a normal bar of soap from Tesco, grated it so it would melt quicker, added water and let it boil.

Once melted, I poured the soap into a rubber glove and let it cool and solidify. This worked quite well apart from the thumb falling off as it became unattached during the cooling process in the glove. I am still very pleased with how it turned out as I didn’t really know what to expect.

I am currently trying this out again to see if I can keep the thumb attached but I have put this soap hand to good use and placed it amongst my tights to see how it will look. I am still unsure how I will display this sculpture so for now I will keep visiting hairdressers, stuffing more tights and molding more soap. The life of an art student!


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