Development – Feminist Art

After researching artists who work with the female form and the feminist movement I had a go at making some small sculptures of my own with this same theme.

This sculpture firstly came about because I dropped the candle and it snapped in half, so originally I was using the Plasticine to ‘glue’ it back together. But a gluey mess turned into a figure that then turned female. I added hair to the areas that humans naturally grow it, such as our underarms, legs and private parts. The figure is embracing her natural form, hairy and free just like her male counterparts.

Picture this; you’re staying in a hotel and go to use your bathroom. There is soap sitting out on the sink but on closer inspection.. hair! Small strands of hair stuck to the soap! Your mind imagines the dirty, hairy person that last used this and the area of the body they were washing. Disgusting is it not? So here we have a bar of soap that has sprouted a pair of legs. The legs are crossed in a feminine fashion and are of course, covered in hair. This piece relates to my previous post of the unfair expectation that woman must have silky, smooth, hair free legs and men can have natural bushy legs with no judgement. I have used the soap bar covered in hair to cause disgust, just as women’s hairy legs do in society.

The nipple, we all have them, men and woman. But somehow nipples in artwork seem to be more of a representation of woman, even though they are censored in our day to day lives. But a hairy nipple, well this is a male trait. How dare woman have hairy nipples, they must be smooth all over like a prepubescent child.

The vagina is not the prettiest of body parts. They are sometimes used in art to cause disgust but all naturally born woman have them. Hairy vaginas are normal, hair actually keeps the vagina cleaner and fights off STD’S. But of course in modern society this is not cared about, there must be no hair or there will be no sex. But there is a lot worse things to have down there than hair, how about cocktail sticks? How much do you care about the hair now that you could impale yourself?


I have been visiting hairdressers begging for the hair that they throw away and they have surprisingly complied without much speculation. I have stuffed the tights with hair, much like I did for my 2nd year tights project but with a different filling. I love that the hair pokes through the tights and sticks out like hairy legs. I added a candle, a feminine object but a phallic shape, which gives sexual connotations of penetration in a hairy opening. My next step is to play about with the tights and how I want to place them for my final sculpture. There will be lots more to come including molding soap and very hairy legs so stay tuned.


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