New Semester, New Project

… Well sort of. Those of you who have followed and read my post from the second semester of second year may recognise some of the techniques I will be using this semester.

I have decided to go back to what I know and what I enjoy and that is working with the idea of The Grotesque. In second year I made a “Tightzilla” sculpture made of tights stuffed with the fluff from inside pillows (see 2nd Year Projects – Tights Project) . This year I have chosen the medium of hair.

Hair is both beautiful and gross. It contains our DNA and one strand can hold the weight of an apple. When attached to our heads it can make us more attractive (apparently not on female legs or armpits though) but when unattached from our bodies, hair is seen us unhygienic and disgusting.  I will be concentrating on this feeling of disgust for this semester and will be taking many trips to the hairdressers to collect human hair.

Putting hair aside, I have been working with my own body to manipulate it monstrously.


before (disgusting I know)


It’s funny what sellotape can do.


And tights.

And even string.

So long as we have bodies, we will experience body horror. I hope to make sculptures that promote the feeling of disgust through the use of hair. I will be posting more about my inspirations and development work throughout the next few months so stay tuned for a lot of weirdness.


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