Fashion Photoshoot 

In order to gain some experience in the creative world I answered an advert posted by Sapphire Scott, a photographer who was looking for students to help out with her Photography Mastered project. Sapphire had been picked to take part in the project ran by Nick Knight, a renowned fashion photographer. Every few months she is given a brief that can be chosen to appear in a fashion magazine.

The brief that I was an assistant at was about love and Sapphires vision was that love is for all and doesn’t discriminate. If successful, the images could be chosen to be displayed in 10 Magazine.


Aimee Keatch making the couture for the shoot


Female model Shelley Forbes as the love interest from another planet



The male model Sean Nicol as ‘Man’ who falls for the alien


Shelley’s chest is bare which represents vulnerability and also agrees with Nick Knights belief of stopping the censorship of womens bodies


Photographer and Creative Director Sapphire Scott


Body paint and hair by Kat Morgan


Final images for the 10 Magazine shoot


It was great to witness how a photoshoot works first hand and the work that goes into making it successful. It was also an amazing chance to network for future projects of my own.


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