Fashion Film

After assisting Sapphire in her photoshoot I decided I wanted to be more hands on for her next brief in her Photography Mastered course. Sapphire was instructed to make a fashion film that if successful, will be displayed on Nick Knights Show Studio site.

The concept was dance and Sapphire chose to concentrate on Ballet as she practiced this for many years.

I was appointed the position of Creative Director and helped with the concept and how the model moves. This was a great opportunity to use my own creative and dance skills.



make-up by Laura Sutherland


hair by Cat Hood


styling and wardrobe by Aimee Keatch


Sapphire Scott – photography


Model –  Jacquetta Clarke


the final images

FullSizeRender (3)GCtmi7A2_kmKQkZzyT8lf23rAvUSzgyG65tR3EoulJMSSVLJ2qsOhOuDHjTDV9zVuINYhDssTpmznhP9u8V4hI

What I admire about Sapphire is that she has taken a chance on students that have never been involved in the fashion or photography industry and has really trusted our advice and work.

The complete fashion film can be found at


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