Kinetic Art- My Final Pieces

That’s it. Finito. This semesters work is finally complete for both my Kinetic Art and the Psychology of Touch projects! I’ve loved this third year so far as I’ve really pushed the boat out and tried things that are completely new to me. I had never step foot in the MakeLab in DJCAD before let alone tried out 3D scanning, 3D printing or laser cutting. I felt that this is the only time these facilities will be available to me for free so I may as well take  advantage of them while I’m studying. I also carried on with my love of using unconventional techniques and had great fun with milk this semester.

For my final milk drawing, “Milk and Lasers”, I attached six sheets of paper to a bed sheet so they could act as one. I then poured milk onto the paper and moved the milk between each sheet. After this I put the paper into the oven individually producing a large milk drawing that moves and flows between each sheet of paper. I wanted to use the movement of milk outwith my control to create unusual shapes.


I also used the heat and movement of a blow torch to add to the burnt effect and to provide the motion of the heat.

The next step in my process was to try out the laser cutter. I used the photoshopped images of my face covered in milk and imprinted on paper (mentioned in my previous post) and laser cut these images onto my milk drawings. This added a different texture and depth to my drawings.

To compliment my kinetic drawings I created three 3D prints, “Three Sheets to the Wind”, of three different sizes. These sculptures have a classic appearance with a modern kinetic twist. To make these I 3D scanned my friends face, duplicated and stretched it to give the sculpture the illusion of movement. My aim was to capture movement in a still piece.

Together with my milk drawing and 3D prints I have presented my “Milk Men”. As mentioned in my previous post these images were made by pouring milk over my face, imprinting my face onto paper and then putting the paper into the oven. I then photoshopped the images which gave them wispy texture and movement.

So there we have it, 3rd year semester 1 complete and I can now relax and enjoy Christmas. Happy holidays!



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