The Psychology Of Touch – My Artists Book

Finally we are nearly at the end of the semester and I haven’t completely broken down! There has been a tough few days especially when making my artists book, there are so many things that can easily go wrong. Measuring and drawing straight lines aren’t exactly my forte but I gave it a good go and I am quite proud of the result.

As the main theme of my prints is texture, I wanted my artists book to reflect this. I made my book the same shape as a carpet or wallpaper book so its as if my prints inside are the textured samples that are there to be touched.

IMG_6985FullSizeRender (5)IMG_6986IMG_6987

And with that my The Psychology of Touch project is complete –  a handmade sample book containing my textured prints. Even though it was quite stressful, I like that making a book was a requirement in this project as it really finishes off the prints and makes them look quite professional. That’s one project down, one to go!


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