Finished etchings 

Here lies my final two prints, they are all finally complete! Today I am starting to create my artists book to display these prints proudly in, but more on that later. This post is about my etchings. Etching was a new process to me this semester and it frustrated me at first as it takes a lot of patience that I just don’t seem to have. The process of etching takes a long time to get different depths of lines and textures but it is worthwhile. The printing process is also time consuming and you only get one print at a time, but the texture of etching was really well suited to my project. 

My first print I started this semester was my teddy bear etching. The concept behind this is again related to my tactile security theme- we like to touch and hold things to feel safe, such as a teddy bear. It is also related to my second theme tactile memory as the touch and texture of a teddy bear can take us back to our childhood when we too treasured such a toy. 


I then decided to add texture to this etching. I brought in a fleece, cut it and put it through the press with soft ground on the plate. This added a patterend background. My reason for using the fleece is that this material has been found to be delightful to touch. It gives us flashbacks of textures from our youth (security blankets and jumpers) and is also a texture that we like to hold to feel warm and safe.

I also used Aqua tint to add a background to this print and give the teddy shadow and space. 

The Teddy Bear Touch

My second etching is of a metal fence. I chose to draw a fence as it is related to the security aspect of my theme. 

I decided to add a texture with a plastic bag to add an eery atmosphere. 

I felt something just wasn’t right with this print so decided to print it in white ink on black paper which I feel gave it a lovely effect. I combined this etching with a seatbelt placed at the bottom of the print. This seatbelt also relates to my security theme and the use of an actual seatbelt in this etching adds to the tactile theme of my project. I laser cut the same fence design onto the seatbelt to add continuity to the etching.


Safety First

So there we have it, all five prints complete! I am currently finishing my artists book so will have this project finished for you all to see next week. 



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