Milk Face Imprints

My medium of choice for my Kinetic Art project has been milk. I love working with unconventional materials and techniques and when I found out about milk painting (and baking) it was right up my street. I have previously posted about my milk drawings and free hand milk movements but I decided to take it a step further (and weirder). I poured milk over my face, imprinted my face onto paper and then put the paper in the oven.

I then asked myself how can I take this further? So I decided that I could use these milk imprints to laser cut onto my big milk drawings. Firstly, I photoshopped the images so the laser cutter could read them.
I then used the images to laser cut onto my milk drawings (I will post about these milk drawings once they are finished) giving them extra texture and new depth.

 I felt the photoshopped images looked so strong on their own that I could also print them out and display them alongside my final milk drawing. I love the movement in the images and how they look almost cloud-like.

I will post again once these images have been printed and displayed in my studio. Only two weeks to go!


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