Screen Printing on a Fire Blanket

Hurrah, another print finished for my The Psychology of Touch project! This time I tried out screen printing onto material, that material being a fire blanket.

This piece again relates to tactile security, a desire to touch something to feel safe. The security being the blanket that protects us from the harm of fire and the tactile aspect is the texture of the fire blanket.

I also combined the theme of tactile memory by using a scanned image of my cable knit jumper to screen print onto the blanket. Knit is a texture that can take us back to our childhood, to a time when our grandmothers would hand knit us a jumper or a scarf.

I used the colour red as it is a warm colour so relates to fire and danger. When we touch something that is red our brain actually believes it is warm even when it isn’t so this relates to the warmth of fire.

I then cut the fire blanket and put it behind paper that I had previously scorched and burnt. I like that this is also tactile and shows something that fire has destroyed but the saviour (the fire blanket) shines through.

So here it is, my third print finished! Only two more etchings to go (and an essay and an artists book) so I will keep you all posted on my finished pieces!


Feel My Heat



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