We are now in the final weeks of this dual project semester so you will probably see me posting a lot more as I begin to complete my works.

For now I will focus on my Print and Printability Project – the Psychology of Touch. I have been moving between all of my prints and the different techniques so much that I was starting to get worried that nothing was getting finished. However all of a sudden here I am with nearly all of my prints finished in the same week, multi-tasking eh? So for this post  I will focus on my prints that involved embossing.

I was inspired by Langland and Bell’s minimalist embossings to try out this medium and I loved it!


Langlands & Bell

You can emboss anything you want as long as you can print it on acetate. I have been amazed this semester at all of the different technology that is actually available to me for free so why not try it out while I’m still learning.

So as I’ve mentioned  before, my theme for this project is the Psychology of Touch – tactile memory vs.tactile security, so for my first print I decided to emboss a gun. I then screen printed a bag on top of the gun to look like the gun is hidden inside the bag.



Packing Heat

I chose the colour red to represent danger but also because our sense of touch understands red as a warm colour so strangely we can feel heat off it even when it isn’t there. This means the owner of this bag is in fact ‘Packing Heat’.

This print relates to the tactile security aspect of my theme – we all like to touch things to feel safe, whether it be a blanket, a loved one or even a gun. The gun represents a need for security but the embossment and the texture of the bag makes it tactile.

My second embossment actually came from producing the gun and feeling it for myself. The texture reminded me of the wallpaper my Great Grandmother had in her flat, it’s called Anaglypta and is a textured wallpaper usually in a floral pattern that I loved to feel and push my nails into when I was young.


Anaglypta Wallpaper

This nostalgic feeling I got when touching the gun embossment is exactly what I want to capture with my tactile memory prints – we can often conjure up memories by the texture of something that we felt when we were younger. For this print I decided to create my own Anaglypta embossment.

IMG_6803 (1)

After doing this I decided to combine the tactile security side of my theme and screen printed a block silhouette of two people hugging that I had drawn. Holding our loved ones makes us feel safe and can also be a tactile memory reminding us of previous moments you may have held each other in such a way.


Hold Me Again

So here we are, 2 out of 5 complete. I am still to make my artists book that I will present the prints in but that is a problem (and a blog post) for another day. For now I will celebrate that I have actually started to complete some work. Hurrah!


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