3D Printing

So I decided to venture into DJCAD’s MakeLab and try out something completely new to me, 3D printing. As my theme is kinetic art I wanted to capture the illusion of movement in a still sculpture. To do this I made a 3D scan of my friends head.

The 3D scanner didn’t read my friends hair as it isn’t a solid mass so I had to remove the back of her head to be able to manipulate her face. I duplicated her face and stretched it to give the illusion of a shaking head.

I then had to use a different back of head from a previous file the MakeLab guys had. I had to then try to join my friends face with this back of head which wasn’t easy and the joins were visible.

I decided to print the image anyway and I could work with it once I had it . These machines are amazing and print layer by layer, mines took 4 hours to print.

Once printed I removed the excess “scaffolding” and then sanded down the joins to reveal my first ever 3D print.

This print is quite small so I hope to print it bigger and maybe have a series of them at some point. 


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