Tactile Art (The Psychology of Touch)

I noticed I haven’t been posting a lot about my print project on here and felt it was time to not just update you but to keep myself in check. I plan on posting my prints as I complete them but as I am moving between pieces they are all still in the ‘work in progress’ stage.

So for now I will explain the theme behind my prints – Tactile Art (The Psychology of Touch).

We all learn about the world through our sense of touch. We are curious, exploratory and inquisitive. So why is it not the norm to touch art? Besides the oils in our fingers ruining a masterpiece, not a lot of art is made to be touched. Art encourages a connection of emotion but why not a physical connection as well? In previous projects I have created art that can be touched but for this project I aim to create art that creates feelings of emotions by the look and texture of it.

Tactile (haptic) memory reaches into our childhood evoked by the slightest tactile stimulus or tactile fantasy, thereby making tactile art ‘communicative’. We have all been seeking the sense of tactile security since birth with our mothers bodies- before we could see, smell, hear or taste.

This feeling of  tactile security is what I have focused on for my prints.  I have concentrated on items that make us feel secure eg. a fence, gun, duvet, teddy bear, seat belt. I have mixed these items with textures that conjure up childhood memories eg. the texture of fleece, a woolly jumper, grans anaglypta wallpaper. I want to provide memories by not just the feeling of texture what the aesthetic of it too. Stay tuned for the development and finals of my prints.



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