Laser Cutting

This week I took the opportunity to learn how to use the laser cutter. It is amazing how artistic you can be with this machine, not only does it cut through material but you can also draw onto it, including paper! For practice I decided to scan my ‘Milk  Men’ I have previously posted about, and laser cut them onto wood and paper.

IMG_6739 IMG_6740 IMG_6741 FullSizeRender (4)

I also tried ‘drawing’ with the laser cutter on paper which gave a beautiful effect on black print makers paper.


I love mixing different techniques so I have decided that I will combine laser cutting with milk drawing and the blow torch effect from my previous post. These things take practice and don’t always work but its all trial and error. First I used the blow torch on my wood laser cuts which worked quite well but when I tried putting milk on the wood and baked it in the oven it didn’t show up greatly, but that could make it more interesting.


I also tried using the blow torch on the black paper laser cut which didn’t have much effect and then put milk on the paper which did show up but wasn’t quite what i wanted (I guess I still don’t really know what I want but ill know when I see it.)


So now is the hard part, deciding what I want to do with this to create a final outcome. Wood? Black paper? White paper? What image should I laser cut? So many questions unanswered that I need to figure out. Only 4 weeks to go! Any observations, ideas or comments are very welcome.


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