Kinetic Drawing

Starting university straight from school, all art was to me was drawing and painting. The syllabus and the facilities at my school didn’t allow for much creativity. I got a big shock when I started DJCAD with many students who had been to college prior to the university and learnt skills that were alien to me. 1st year was a struggle but 2nd year I got stuck into the sculpture and print studios and with the help of the amazing technicians I have learnt so much and really found myself in the art world. 

I love unconventional art. I use mediums and found objects that may not be considered to be ‘art’ to create something with a new meaning and purpose. For my Kinetic Art module I have been focusing on how I can draw using movement. I started off by sitting in the Dundee City Centre and drawing people as they walk by in quick line drawing movements.

 Another medium I used was fire. What I like about this is how little control I had over the effect it made. I started off with candles and a lighter which had very little effect, so I decided to go bigger. I pulled out the blow torch much to my mothers dismay which certainly didn’t the trick. The first try wasn’t so successful, but my mum was standing by with a hose to save the day. 

The next try turned out well, I love the smokey effect the piece has which is almost ghostly. The next step of furthering this piece is to try and control the blow torch so I can create more precise images and perhaps figure drawings.

The third technique I tried was painting with milk. What I liked about this is that it was quite hard to see what I was painting so I wasn’t sure what it was going to look like.

I then put the painting in the oven to see the effect of movement and heat on the milk painting. Again, I love how little control I had over the outcome of this image. After a few tries I did realise I had some control over the outcome of the image, the more milk I added the more texture I had and leaving the painting in the oven for longer gave a darker effect. 

To add to this kinetic drawing I decided to use the movement of my hand to create an image with the milk, meaning no control at all. I poured milk onto the paper and used my hand to move the paper which then moved the milk. I did manage to create somewhat human like images that suggest movement which was my main aim.


To develop this work I hope to combine the different techniques I have learnt to create an abstract image with figures. I hope the piece will also have different levels as I will be adding milk, burning the paper and hopefully laser cutting the image as well. I will keep you all posted on my development.


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