Etching Tutorial

Over the past two days we have been learning how to etch for the Print and Printability module. As it was just for practice I drew a little doodle (please don’t judge it was done in 2 minutes) on a zinc plate I had previously prepared. I covered the plate in hard ground and placed it into the acid.


After 30 seconds in the acid I ‘stopped out’ the lines i wanted to keep light.


I then put my plate back into the acid for another 6 minutes, cleaned off the stop out and hard ground and printed my plate with black etching acrylic (again not my best work – kind of Ian Mckeever inspired but all in the name of learning).

IMG_6421 IMG_6422 IMG_6423

As my main theme for the Print and Printability project is texture I decided to put some texture onto my plate. I put soft ground onto the zinc plate and ran it through the press with a bin bag on top to create an irregular texture.


Before putting the plate back into the acid i stopped out areas that i didn’t want to have texture. This was my chance to get my Ken Currie on and keep areas very white in comparison to the dark texture.



The print came out quite dark, probably because I left it in the acid too long to get the texture. To fix this I scraped back into the plate to make some areas lighter.

IMG_6429 IMG_6430

This was just experimental work and I can’t wait to get into etching properly once I have a clear idea of what I want to do, but it excites me how well texture can be brought into this medium. I’m sure I will be spending a lot more time with etching this semester.



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