Kinetic Drawing

Starting university straight from school, all art was to me was drawing and painting. The syllabus and the facilities at my school didn’t allow for much creativity. I got a big shock when I started DJCAD with many students who had been to college prior to the university and learnt skills that were alien to me. 1st year was a struggle but 2nd year I got stuck into the sculpture and print studios and with the help of the amazing technicians I have learnt so much and really found myself in the art world. 

I love unconventional art. I use mediums and found objects that may not be considered to be ‘art’ to create something with a new meaning and purpose. For my Kinetic Art module I have been focusing on how I can draw using movement. I started off by sitting in the Dundee City Centre and drawing people as they walk by in quick line drawing movements.

 Another medium I used was fire. What I like about this is how little control I had over the effect it made. I started off with candles and a lighter which had very little effect, so I decided to go bigger. I pulled out the blow torch much to my mothers dismay which certainly didn’t the trick. The first try wasn’t so successful, but my mum was standing by with a hose to save the day. 

The next try turned out well, I love the smokey effect the piece has which is almost ghostly. The next step of furthering this piece is to try and control the blow torch so I can create more precise images and perhaps figure drawings.

The third technique I tried was painting with milk. What I liked about this is that it was quite hard to see what I was painting so I wasn’t sure what it was going to look like.

I then put the painting in the oven to see the effect of movement and heat on the milk painting. Again, I love how little control I had over the outcome of this image. After a few tries I did realise I had some control over the outcome of the image, the more milk I added the more texture I had and leaving the painting in the oven for longer gave a darker effect. 

To add to this kinetic drawing I decided to use the movement of my hand to create an image with the milk, meaning no control at all. I poured milk onto the paper and used my hand to move the paper which then moved the milk. I did manage to create somewhat human like images that suggest movement which was my main aim.


To develop this work I hope to combine the different techniques I have learnt to create an abstract image with figures. I hope the piece will also have different levels as I will be adding milk, burning the paper and hopefully laser cutting the image as well. I will keep you all posted on my development.


An Art Trip To Glasgow

Last Wednesday all of Art and Media in DJCAD were given the opportunity to go to Glasgow for the day and tour the many art exhibitions the city holds. It was a well needed break between my two projects and offered a chance to gain some inspiration.

Firstly we went to Tramway to see this years Turner Prize nominees. Here are some of the works and their descriptions.

IMG_6485 IMG_6487 IMG_6488

IMG_6492 IMG_6493 IMG_6495 IMG_6496 IMG_6499 IMG_6501

IMG_6502 IMG_6503

Camplins work included a room full of books with TVs and headphones in the center.

To be honest, I wasn’t overly excited by any of the works nominated for the Turner prize this year in comparison to past years winners and nominees. I did however like Assemble’s piece as they are not only artists but also a kind of charity group who are not only making beautiful works but are making a positive impact in Liverpool.

We also went to the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) to see the ‘Devils in the Making’ exhibition. My friend Kate appears in these photos, can you spot her?

IMG_6504 IMG_6506 IMG_6508 IMG_6509 IMG_6510 IMG_6512

This exhibiton was more my style; unconventional, strange and fun. It was just more lively to walk in to and enjoyable to walk around.

Upstairs in GoMA there were many prints in display that I loved. Some were very large and meticulous and some were more abstract and included different textures which is again more my style!

IMG_6513 IMG_6514 IMG_6515

The last gallery we went to see was The Modern Institute. This held two exhibitions; Michael Wilkinson’s ‘SORRY HAD TO DONE’ and Hayley Tompkin’s ‘Electric Magnetic Installation’.

Wilkinson’s exhibition looked like a very modern installation that may be displayed in a celebrity’s mansion. I loved the rock pool, ‘Dream a Garden’, as an interior piece possibly more than an art sculpture but it was definitely aesthetically pleasing. The prints were exciting but my favourite piece was ‘Tower’ which was made out of lego. It was not only a beautiful sculpture it fit in with the building blocks theme and turned a tactile childs game into a very sleek, adult piece that screams ‘do not touch!’

IMG_6517 14012 14014

Lastly was Tompkin’s exhibition ‘Electric Magnetic Installation’. I wasn’t very impressed with some of the work but did photograph a couple of pieces that caught my eye. These are paintings on galvanised metal trays. I love how the metal effect of the painting compliments the trays and I enjoyed that she chose this base instead of conventional paper.

IMG_6520 IMG_6521

I love going to see exhibitions to get inspiration and to also view in person work by artists who are successful in their field. It never hurts to go and look, even if you don’t always like what you see. Going to exhibitions allows you to understand what you do and don’t like as an artist and in doing so helps you to develop your own style and voice.

Etching Tutorial

Over the past two days we have been learning how to etch for the Print and Printability module. As it was just for practice I drew a little doodle (please don’t judge it was done in 2 minutes) on a zinc plate I had previously prepared. I covered the plate in hard ground and placed it into the acid.


After 30 seconds in the acid I ‘stopped out’ the lines i wanted to keep light.


I then put my plate back into the acid for another 6 minutes, cleaned off the stop out and hard ground and printed my plate with black etching acrylic (again not my best work – kind of Ian Mckeever inspired but all in the name of learning).

IMG_6421 IMG_6422 IMG_6423

As my main theme for the Print and Printability project is texture I decided to put some texture onto my plate. I put soft ground onto the zinc plate and ran it through the press with a bin bag on top to create an irregular texture.


Before putting the plate back into the acid i stopped out areas that i didn’t want to have texture. This was my chance to get my Ken Currie on and keep areas very white in comparison to the dark texture.



The print came out quite dark, probably because I left it in the acid too long to get the texture. To fix this I scraped back into the plate to make some areas lighter.

IMG_6429 IMG_6430

This was just experimental work and I can’t wait to get into etching properly once I have a clear idea of what I want to do, but it excites me how well texture can be brought into this medium. I’m sure I will be spending a lot more time with etching this semester.