Inspiration- Tony Cragg

Turner prize winner Tony Cragg is a very talented sculptor from Liverpool. He works with the human condition and finds a relation between the human form and material in his work. Cragg makes abstract sculptures of human faces with a kinetic aspect. I was introduced to this artist by a friend who I had been talking to about my idea to combine 3D printing with kinetic art. I love the abstract aspect of his work but it is still clear to the viewer that you are looking at something human, this is what I also aim to achieve. Cragg’s work is closely related to my idea of creating a still object with the idea of movement so I will be keeping him in mind while I further develop my own work.


In Mind, Tony Cragg, 2002

In Mind, Tony Cragg, 2002

Group, Tony Cragg, 2012

Group, Tony Cragg, 2012


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