Kinetic Art- Inspiration

As I have previously stated I have two projects this year; a print module and my studio module, both have no brief. I’ve struggled pulling myself away from the print module and trying to concentrate on a project that is completely bare. But alas I have discovered a medium that is foreign and exciting to me; 3D printing. After having an introduction to the 3D printing lab at my University I began thinking of what I could possibly make. 3D printing is fairly new to the art world so is quite difficult to find inspiration from other artists who have used this medium. After a lot of researching I came across  Dan Collins of Arizona State University. He runs the PRISM lab where he works with 3D modelling and rapid prototyping.

''Of More Than Two Minds', Dan Collins, 1993

‘Of More Than Two Minds’, Dan Collins, 1993

I love how Collins 3D prints suggest movement in a still form. This gave me the idea to look at kinetic art and how other artists tackle movement with the absence of it.

'La Nuit Etoilee', Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

‘La Nuit Etoilee’, Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

An early example of an artist working with kinetics is Van Gogh. He uses obvious brushstrokes to suggest movement and brings a still painting to life.

Nu Descendant un escalier, 2nd Version, Marcel Duchamp, 1912

‘Nu Descendant un escalier’, 2nd Version, Marcel Duchamp, 1912

Marcel Duchamp Descending a staircase

Duchamp shows the phases of movement in a mechanical way.

'Tanzt Entsetzen', Paul Klee, 1925

‘Tanzt Entsetzen’, Paul Klee, 1925

A comical line drawing that still suggests movement in a simple way.

'Abstract 5494c', Kim Keever, 2013

‘Abstract 5494c’, Kim Keever, 2013

A more contemporary example of kinetic art is Kim Keever’s Art Under Water. He fills up his giant fish tank with water and disperses pigments to create this amazing smokey effect. He then photographs the event freezing a kinetic movement.

I hope to 3D print a kinetic model and to also create kinetic drawings using the laser cutter. There are such great facilities available to me at Duncan of Jordanstone that I have never used so I can’t wait to learn some new skills.


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