And We’re Back!

3rd year Fine Art has officially begun and after 5 months off I was actually quite glad to return to DJCAD and settle into my new, very cold studio. I had a relatively artless Summer break somewhat because I was working but mostly because I was not motivated to create art at all. Now that i am back and surrounded by fellow art students and feel ready to get right into my new projects!

This semester we have two projects; one studio module that has no brief so we are pretty much left to do what we please, and another elective module of which I have chosen Print and Printability. I enjoyed print last year and loved learning these new skills so its time to put them back into use!

I have been researching a few artists and have been reading books about print to see what type of prints jump out at me. I always seem to be attracted to prints that have a lot of texture and i also incorporated that into my pieces last year. I hope to tie my studio and print project together with the common theme of texture.

I am also excited to give 3D printing a try. It would be fun to 3D print a screen print that i make to make it actually have a touchable texture but i’m still in the research stages and need to learn the 3D printing process first to find out what is actually possible.

So for now I am busy researching artists for inspiration which I will follow up on soon. I am also doodling in my sketchbook getting ideas that I can turn into screen prints. Stay tuned for further development.



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