Inspiration- Tony Cragg

Turner prize winner Tony Cragg is a very talented sculptor from Liverpool. He works with the human condition and finds a relation between the human form and material in his work. Cragg makes abstract sculptures of human faces with a kinetic aspect. I was introduced to this artist by a friend who I had been talking to about my idea to combine 3D printing with kinetic art. I love the abstract aspect of his work but it is still clear to the viewer that you are looking at something human, this is what I also aim to achieve. Cragg’s work is closely related to my idea of creating a still object with the idea of movement so I will be keeping him in mind while I further develop my own work.


In Mind, Tony Cragg, 2002

In Mind, Tony Cragg, 2002

Group, Tony Cragg, 2012

Group, Tony Cragg, 2012


Kinetic Art- Inspiration

As I have previously stated I have two projects this year; a print module and my studio module, both have no brief. I’ve struggled pulling myself away from the print module and trying to concentrate on a project that is completely bare. But alas I have discovered a medium that is foreign and exciting to me; 3D printing. After having an introduction to the 3D printing lab at my University I began thinking of what I could possibly make. 3D printing is fairly new to the art world so is quite difficult to find inspiration from other artists who have used this medium. After a lot of researching I came across  Dan Collins of Arizona State University. He runs the PRISM lab where he works with 3D modelling and rapid prototyping.

''Of More Than Two Minds', Dan Collins, 1993

‘Of More Than Two Minds’, Dan Collins, 1993

I love how Collins 3D prints suggest movement in a still form. This gave me the idea to look at kinetic art and how other artists tackle movement with the absence of it.

'La Nuit Etoilee', Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

‘La Nuit Etoilee’, Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

An early example of an artist working with kinetics is Van Gogh. He uses obvious brushstrokes to suggest movement and brings a still painting to life.

Nu Descendant un escalier, 2nd Version, Marcel Duchamp, 1912

‘Nu Descendant un escalier’, 2nd Version, Marcel Duchamp, 1912

Marcel Duchamp Descending a staircase

Duchamp shows the phases of movement in a mechanical way.

'Tanzt Entsetzen', Paul Klee, 1925

‘Tanzt Entsetzen’, Paul Klee, 1925

A comical line drawing that still suggests movement in a simple way.

'Abstract 5494c', Kim Keever, 2013

‘Abstract 5494c’, Kim Keever, 2013

A more contemporary example of kinetic art is Kim Keever’s Art Under Water. He fills up his giant fish tank with water and disperses pigments to create this amazing smokey effect. He then photographs the event freezing a kinetic movement.

I hope to 3D print a kinetic model and to also create kinetic drawings using the laser cutter. There are such great facilities available to me at Duncan of Jordanstone that I have never used so I can’t wait to learn some new skills.

‘A Passion for Print’

‘A Passion for Print’ is an exhibition displaying a personal selection of prints from the University of Dundee’s collection made by printmaker Jim Pattison.


As I am very interested in print it was a great opportunity to have an exhibition on university campus displaying the work of some talented printers. I love to take inspiration from artists who are already successful in their field and to see Ken Currie in amongst the artists was exciting as I had already been researching his work this semester.

Ken Currie

Ken Currie

Its always good practice to go and see exhibitions and I hope to attend as many as i can this year to help me develop my own artwork.


I love the technique of blocking out colour in this piece and also in Curries’. The white really contrasts and adds depth to the prints.



Inspiration for Printmaking

When looking for inspiration I head to the uni library. In this case I am working in the print studio so I took out a pile of books on print, contemporary and historical. I make a note of what work jumps out at me and what it is about these pieces that I like so much. When I took a step back to view the works I had picked out I realised they all had similarities. Many of the works are layered with combinations of drawings, photography and different methods of printmaking. This has given the works a very textured look which I admire.

The Journey Back III, Alexandr Yastrebenetski

The Journey Back III, Alexandr Yastrebenetski

The Last Romantic, Boris Belski

The Journey Back 1a, Alexandr Yastrebenetski

Beautiful layering of images with different transparency and parts of the image removed producing a lovely texture.

Steady Drizzle

Steady Drizzle, Willie Rodger

A woodcut with a grainy textured effect juxtapositioned by the block silhouettes.

The Last Romantic, Boris Belski

The Last Romantic, Boris Belski

Lovely, textured layered effect including line drawings much like prints i have previously produced.

Ski Jacket, Peter Doig

Ski Jacket, Peter Doig

An etching that uses the fuzzy shapes of humans and creates a kind of forest effect.

Langlands & Bell

Langlands & Bell

A beautiful embossing, its the simplicity I love about this piece, cream on cream, creates a very soft texture.

Bullfight No.3, Salvador Dali

Bullfight No.3, Salvador Dali

A classic lithograph which combines line drawings with block images to create a kinetic piece.

Cavalier Sur Fond Noir Etoile, Marino Marini

Cavalier Sur Fond Noir Etoile, Marino Marini

Another 20th century lithograph that combines block colours with a more textured, chalky effect. I like the use of geometric shapes in this piece.

I can’t wait to get into the print studio this week and to start making my own pieces! There will be a lot of trial and error until I find the style I like but I’ve got the whole semester to get it right!

And We’re Back!

3rd year Fine Art has officially begun and after 5 months off I was actually quite glad to return to DJCAD and settle into my new, very cold studio. I had a relatively artless Summer break somewhat because I was working but mostly because I was not motivated to create art at all. Now that i am back and surrounded by fellow art students and feel ready to get right into my new projects!

This semester we have two projects; one studio module that has no brief so we are pretty much left to do what we please, and another elective module of which I have chosen Print and Printability. I enjoyed print last year and loved learning these new skills so its time to put them back into use!

I have been researching a few artists and have been reading books about print to see what type of prints jump out at me. I always seem to be attracted to prints that have a lot of texture and i also incorporated that into my pieces last year. I hope to tie my studio and print project together with the common theme of texture.

I am also excited to give 3D printing a try. It would be fun to 3D print a screen print that i make to make it actually have a touchable texture but i’m still in the research stages and need to learn the 3D printing process first to find out what is actually possible.

So for now I am busy researching artists for inspiration which I will follow up on soon. I am also doodling in my sketchbook getting ideas that I can turn into screen prints. Stay tuned for further development.