My work on display

It has been a long while since I created a finished painting, the last time was probably in school when painting was all “art” was. Duncan of Jordanstone has really opened my eyes to what art can be and has allowed me to gain new skills and discover talents I didn’t know I had. I feel I have really matured as an artist this last year at university but it was nice to get back to where it all started, my paintings.

I am a member of the Broughty Ferry Art Society, every month professional working artists will give us a demonstration of their work so we can learn new skills. I go with my gran and although I am the youngest member by about 40 years, it’s still great to be surrounded by people of any age who love art.

So as a member of the Broughty Ferry Art Society I was invited to display a painting in Scout Halls in Broughty Ferry during their renowned Gala Week. This was exciting for me, not only as it gave me artistic purpose while I’m off university for summer, but, this would be the first time my work would be displayed for sale. So I got back into my painting and adopted the technique I used when I was in my last year at school. I created 2 textured paintings using tissue paper, acrylic and charcoal. The first “Back in my Day” is up for sale and the second painting “Twenty One” is not for sale as I created this as a present for my boyfriends birthday. I love the unfinished effect of the paintings and the comparison of the dark charcoal against the bright tissue paper.

If anyone happens to be in the area then you should definitely pop down to Scout Halls. There is a lot of great work on display by some very talented artists. These are works by my fantastic Gran, Muriel Butler.

I know the type of paintings I create is not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other work on display but they are more for me to create my own style. I also just loved seeing my work in a gallery alongside some amazing artist, sometimes just being seen is all you need to give you a little boost. Plus I was number 1 on the list, that’s got to count for something!


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