Final Piece Part 1

Deadline day is looming and everyone is super busy displaying their work. I have been working with my tights sculpture all morning (pictures to follow) and displaying my prints and photographs. I am very happy with how my prints turned out and the creepy, human-like effect they create.

IMG_4235 IMG_4316I

I enjoyed working in the print studio making these screen prints and then working on them in photoshop using my own drawings and manual prints.


These are two of the images I photographed when burying my tights. Again, there is something mysterious and human abut these images but also something alien. I feel like the images work well and compliment my screen prints.


Here is my finished display, minus my sculpture that is hanging out in the corridor. My folder contains prints that i have created throughout this semester.  I feel like i have really developed this semester at uni and have learnt new skills in the print department. I will follow up with a post of my finished sculpture very soon.


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