Making a collagraph

I just can’t seem to get out of the print studio, there are so many methods to printing that I love! Moving on from screen printing (which I am in the middle of photoshopping and will post on here soon) I have been busy making a collagraph using a pair of tights. I wanted to get the texture and folds of the tights and this seemed the best way to do it.

I glued a pair of tights to a piece of cardboard and cut them so it was only one layer of tights.

I then varnished the tights to make sure they were stuck down and so the ink can be more easily applied.

I decided to use black ink as out of all the prints I have been making I feel my monotone black prints have been the most powerful. I made sure the ink was in all the crevices of the tights to get as much texture out of them as I could.

I then used a press and printed the tights and I am very happy with how they turned out, particularly the later prints that have less ink on them.

I plan on scanning these prints and using the texture to add to my screen prints in Photoshop. I enjoy playing about with texture on a flat surface giving it a 3D effect. I have been quite surprised with how much I could do with my medium of tights and it has been a fun experience! Don’t just stick to the norm, be unconventional! Use items not necessarily related to art because art is everywhere!


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