We Must Suffer for our Art

A work-from-home day stuffing tights was in dire need after a busy start of week screen printing photographs of my tights and drawings from my sketchbook. Here are some in progress.

But in the name of suffering I am somewhat sacrificing my health for my project. I have quite bad allergies with dust and wool so stuffing tights with the insides of pillows and duvets that have been sitting up in my families attics for years was not the wisest choice. But we must all suffer for our art! I am just glad I am working from home where I can sneeze in peace. The fact that my project is making me unwell actually relates to my sculpture itself. I have been concentrating on health vs. vanity and how many of us wouldn’t care about what we put inside us if it didn’t show on the outside. The tights represent our skin that hides (or in this case fails to hide) what’s on the inside (the unhealthy looking stuffing). My insides may be suffering but at least my sculpture will look good!


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