Making a collagraph

I just can’t seem to get out of the print studio, there are so many methods to printing that I love! Moving on from screen printing (which I am in the middle of photoshopping and will post on here soon) I have been busy making a collagraph using a pair of tights. I wanted to get the texture and folds of the tights and this seemed the best way to do it.

I glued a pair of tights to a piece of cardboard and cut them so it was only one layer of tights.

I then varnished the tights to make sure they were stuck down and so the ink can be more easily applied.

I decided to use black ink as out of all the prints I have been making I feel my monotone black prints have been the most powerful. I made sure the ink was in all the crevices of the tights to get as much texture out of them as I could.

I then used a press and printed the tights and I am very happy with how they turned out, particularly the later prints that have less ink on them.

I plan on scanning these prints and using the texture to add to my screen prints in Photoshop. I enjoy playing about with texture on a flat surface giving it a 3D effect. I have been quite surprised with how much I could do with my medium of tights and it has been a fun experience! Don’t just stick to the norm, be unconventional! Use items not necessarily related to art because art is everywhere!


We Must Suffer for our Art

A work-from-home day stuffing tights was in dire need after a busy start of week screen printing photographs of my tights and drawings from my sketchbook. Here are some in progress.

But in the name of suffering I am somewhat sacrificing my health for my project. I have quite bad allergies with dust and wool so stuffing tights with the insides of pillows and duvets that have been sitting up in my families attics for years was not the wisest choice. But we must all suffer for our art! I am just glad I am working from home where I can sneeze in peace. The fact that my project is making me unwell actually relates to my sculpture itself. I have been concentrating on health vs. vanity and how many of us wouldn’t care about what we put inside us if it didn’t show on the outside. The tights represent our skin that hides (or in this case fails to hide) what’s on the inside (the unhealthy looking stuffing). My insides may be suffering but at least my sculpture will look good!

Painting with tights 

After weeks of going between my tights sculpture and my prints I needed a break, and whats a better way of gaining some new inspiration than painting your tights. My work is heavily inspired by the human body so painting with my own body seemed (sort of) logical to me.

I threw on my best ‘Risky Business’ tribute outfit and started to paint my black tights a flesh tone colour.

I was very interested in the texture of the prints I could create. I wasn’t planning on creating a perfected final piece but rather an array of development work experimenting with tights and my body.

I started off my prints my kneeling onto the black sugar paper. I feel I may have had to much paint on the tights as I would’ve liked the texture to come through more than it did but it was all in the name of experimentation.

I then decided to paint my butt to see the type of print I could achieve. I have used fishnet tights in my sculpture to add gender and promiscuity so using my rear end to print seemed to give the same effect.

I also painted fishnet tights and printed them with my hand giving a hand print on top of the butt print. I like the effect fishnet tights have when printed and I found the contrast between the two types of tights aesthetically pleasing.

I had great fun creating these prints and I believe I needed it. It was a chance to muck about and get away from the rigidity of lectures and crits and deadlines. I am still working on making my sculpture as large as possible and begging my family and friends for their spare pillows. I will be back in the print studio at the start of next week screen printing and hopefully will create new prints of a larger scale. There’s only a few weeks left of 2nd year so it’s time to knuckle down and really get into producing the work and I am excited to see how it will all look when it’s finished!