Health Vs Vanity 

Alongside creating my prints I have still been working with my tights sculpture making it bigger and hopefully better! I want to create a sculpture that’s as large as my purse strings can handle. It has overtaken my space in my studio in uni and is growing out from under my desk like some sort of octopus monster.

I have been using watercolour to add pinks and blues to my sculpture making it look more alive with the colours that live under our skin.

I wanted the colours to represent our organs and veins and the tights to represent our skin. I have been playing about with the idea of Health Vs Vanity and how much humans would care about what we put inside our bodies if it didn’t show on the outside. The tights are acting as a skin that is failing to hide what is on the inside.

I also want to encourage my audience to touch my sculpture. Art can be tactile and interactive and I want human bodies to interact with my human-like sculpture. I plan on putting hard superficial objects such as beads, makeup and even a selfie stick hidden in the fluff in the tights. I want people to touch this sculpture expecting it to be very soft but to be surprised by what’s hidden underneath. This will relate to my Vanity Vs Health idea whereby what is underneath is not cared about if it is not seen (Sometimes).

I am going to carry on making my sculpture as large as I can and think about ways I can display this to make it as enticing to touch as possible. I am open to your suggestions.


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