Visions of void

Yesterday I visited Florian and Michael Quistreberts exhibition, Visions of Void, at Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA). The space was very dark so you could appreciate the abstract video and light work. The brothers main components of their work are colour and structure. I really admired the thick painting style adopted by the “Brothers of the Shadow” and the small lights that were embedded in the paintings helped you to see the thickness of the paint and the shapes that it created. The small lights and the use of chrome paint connected their light work to their paintings. The walls were painted metallic silver to reflect the light that was projected onto them. Some of the light works were very hypnotic to look at and made the dark room spin, like looking into a kaleidoscope. I really liked the light display in the corner of the room and the space was used well with this piece. The shapes used in this light displays are very geometric and are often mystical symbols which represent the brothers quest for spirituality. I did feel like the rooms were very empty compared to previous exhibitions that I have seen in this space and I wanted to see more work from them. Overall i feel it was a very interesting exhibition with good work but I would’ve loved to see more of it.





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